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The last time was at standard six

When did the last time you visit PetroSains?

I did not notice that it have changed a lot or did I already forget what is it look like.Well, the last time I went there was when I'm standard 6. Now I am 25 years old. 13 years gap there.But that excited feeling still high and this time I feel more excited about going inside.
As for the administration fee ticket, it cost us RM20 per person for an adult. BUT! You will get the privileged discount(10%) if you have Aeon / Petronas card.I took out all the card that I have and put the card on the counter and asked. Is this the aeon card? Showed the parkson card, Is this the aeon card? NO 'she replied. Again showed aeon big card. A big no again. Aeon card is Aeon Jusco. Oh, I got it. I never knew that.Fuhh shame on you. Never mind at least I know it now.*flip shawl
I like the entrance where we need to ride on a circle black transport like a UFO ship to bring us to the final destination. Sounds like creepy but it is fun. Yeah, it is fun.…

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